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Copying Documents in the Library

Copy machines in the Library are for reproducing Library materials. They should not be used to copy personal notes or other non-Library materials.

It is allowed for one person to make only one copy of the portion of the document to be copied for the purpose of research and study.

Also, photocopying can only be done within the scope of the Copyright Act.

*Inquire at the library of the affiliated department for payment at public expense.

*There are cash-compatible photocopiers on the 1st floor

(black-and-white copy per sheet: 10 yen, color copy per sheet: 50 yen)

and prepaid-compatible photocopiers (the same as the one in the Student Co-op Copy Center)

on the 1st floor and on the 2nd basement floor.

Fee B & W copy per sheet Color copy per sheet
Internal user
External user
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